2020 Lead Sponsor

Our 21st year is here!

The Grimsby Museum, 6 Murray St

November 27th to December 6th 2020

Due to the increased concerns over rising COVID 19 infections,

the Rotary Club of Grimsby is sorry to say that

this year’s Fantasy of Wreaths (and Trees) at the Grimsby Museum is CANCELLED.

Reach us at info@fantasyoftrees.ca and talk to Jim Noordermeer.

STAY TUNED – we will convert to an online event

to display our wonderful Christmas season wreaths and trees

and for you to have an on-line opportunity to bid on the decorations!



Fantasy of Trees – Mostly Wreaths in 2020

How You Can Support Fantasy of Trees and Wreaths

Visit The Fantasy of Trees and Wreaths

Visit The Fantasy of Trees and Wreaths

2020 will bring 3 beautiful and brightly lit Christmas trees and 20 festive wreaths on display. Everyone will enjoy the experience and the fun.

Sponsor a Wreath or Tree

Sponsor a Wreath or Tree

You can sponsor a tree or wreath decorated by Rotary. There will be 3 trees and 20 wreaths in 2020.



Bid on a tree or wreath and help support our community

Our Major Sponsors