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The Grimsby Museum
6 Murray Street
Grimsby Ontario L3M 1R7

Friday, November 23rd to Sunday, December 9th, 2018

Closed Mondays

Draw takes place at 4:15pm Dec 9th


Friday, Nov 23rd 12:00 till 8:00pm.  Outdoor lighting 5:30pm

Saturday, Nov 24th 12:00 till 5:00pm.

Sunday, Nov 25th 12:00 till 5:00pm.

Monday, Nov 26th   Museum Closed

Tuesday, Nov 27th 12:00 till 5:00pm.

Wednesday, Nov 28th, 12:00 till 8:00pm.

Thursday, Nov 29th, 12:00 till 8:00pm.

Friday, Nov 30th, 12:00 till 8:00pm.

Saturday, Dec 1st, 12:00 till 5:00pm.  Santa Claus Parade 5:30pm

Sunday, Dec 2nd, 12:00 till 5:00pm. Santa Day at the Fantasy 1:00 – 3:00pm  Take a picture!  Win a prize!

Monday, Dec 3rd, Museum Closed.

Tuesday, Dec 4th, 12:00 till 5:00pm.

Wednesday, Dec 5th, 12:00 till 8:00pm.

Thursday, Dec 6th, 12:00 till 8:00pm.

Friday, Dec 7th, 12:00 till 8:00pm.

Saturday, Dec 8th, 12:00 till 5:00pm.

Sunday, Dec 9th, 12:00pm till 4:00pm.  Draw commences 4:15pm.

Monday, Dec 10th.  Museum Closed.

Tuesday, Dec 11th, 12:00 till 7:00pm.  Winner pick up of trees and other items.

Wednesday, Dec 12th, 12:00 till 5:00pm.  Winner pick up of trees and other items.

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